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Invest in high-quality landscape installation by hiring Design Scapes, Inc. Our innovative Los Angeles landscaping team will guide you through the design process and implement every detail during installation. Creating the perfect outdoor space starts with Design Scapes Inc.

For better or worse, a front yard has a massive impact on a home’s curb appeal. The look of the front of your home affects how you feel when you pull in the driveway and impacts your neighbors and potential buyers if you plan to sell down the road. Investing in professional front yard landscaping is a win for you, your neighborhood, and your property value.

Start by scheduling a complimentary one-on-one consultation with Design Scapes, Inc. Before we begin the design process, we’ll meet with you at your home to draw inspiration from your property and your outdoor space dreams. Once we survey the area and talk with you about your curb appeal goals, we’ll be ready to draw up plans for your front yard landscaping design.

For your landscaping to thrive in the dry climate of Los Angeles, you need a reliable irrigation system. Consistent and sufficient watering will help your plants establish deep roots. Inadequate water leads to a shallow root system, making your greenery susceptible to drought. Design Scapes, Inc. offers highly efficient solutions for new irrigation system installation and old sprinkler system retrofits.

Drought-Resistant Landscape Design

Los Angeles presents unique challenges for plants. We understand the dry climate and know how to work with landscaping that is drought-resistant. Don’t accept a landscaping design that isn’t created with LA weather in mind. When you hire Design Scapes Inc., know that you’re getting sustainable plants that conserve water and save you money over time. We understand drought conditions, and we’ll help you choose low maintenance, drought-resistant plants that look amazing as well.