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Does Patio Cover Shade Installation Increase My Home Value?

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The weather in Southern California is some of the best in the continental United States. We are one of the top producers of sunny days than nearly any other area, meaning you can enjoy the outdoors around your home year-round! However, sometimes we all need an escape from that California sun. Installing a shade structure in your yard can give you just that! When selecting a hardscape for your lawn, you want to ensure you can enhance your outdoor space and property value. Installing a patio cover shade is an elegant solution that can increase your home’s outdoor living space, transform your patio into a haven of relaxation and entertainment, and even add value to your home! This article will delve into the benefits of patio cover installation, your potential return on investment, and practical insights into selecting the perfect patio cover shade for your specific needs.

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Does Patio Cover Shades Increase Your Outdoor Usability?

A thoughtfully designed patio cover shade can transform your yard and extend your home’s living space, adding value to your property. Read on for ways a patio cover can improve your lifestyle and pocketbook!

 1. Patio Use in Any Weather

The charm of a shaded patio lies in its ability to create a haven of comfort, regardless of the weather conditions. Whether you seek refuge from the sun’s intense rays, or even a hot afternoon, or shelter from light rain, a well-constructed patio cover shade provides protection, allowing you to enjoy nature and outdoor living in any weather.

 2. Another Room for Your Home

With the right design, your shaded outdoor space extends your interior, seamlessly blending the lines between indoor and outdoor living. A patio cover can shade a lounging area with plush seating to relax like a living room. Alternatively, you can use a patio cover over an outdoor kitchen and dining area to create a food-focused entertaining space. A patio cover shade allows you to easily host gatherings with friends, indulge in intimate family dinners, or find solace in quiet relaxation.

3. Increased Outdoor Aesthetics

Patio cover shades are customizable to suit any aesthetic. You can choose a custom design and select materials that match your indoor and outdoor decor and vibes – they can be a canvas for boundless creativity! Adding a shade structure to your yard can dramatically change the appearance of your space and give your yard a new look.

4. Enhanced Property Appeal

A shaded patio resonates with the current trend of seamless indoor-outdoor living. Homebuyers are increasingly seeking properties that offer versatile spaces. Adding a patio cover shade and its subsequent heightened outdoor usability is an investment in your quality of life and a strategic enhancement of your property’s appeal. Potential buyers can envision a lifestyle with a shaded patio – the allure of outdoor relaxation and entertainment that can be a pivotal selling point that sets your property apart in a competitive real estate market. Installing a patio cover shade can transform your experience and simultaneously be an investment that speaks to future owners’ desires.

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Patio Cover Shades and Return on Investment

When it comes to home improvement projects, making wise financial decisions is essential. When undertaking a significant outdoor project or renovation, homeowners should aim to increase the value of their homes. Installing a patio shade can significantly impact the value of your property in the long run, but you need to ensure your investment pays off. Real estate experts recommend allocating between 3% and 7% of your property’s value to outdoor improvements that enhance your living experience and maximize the potential for increased home value. Installing a patio cover shade can be an investment that yields substantial returns over time.

Outdoor improvements have the potential to generate impressive returns on investments (ROIs). Patio covers, in particular, can yield anywhere from 30%-80% ROI, with the average being 60%-80%. This means that for every dollar invested into your new cover, you could see a return of up to 80 cents when you decide to sell your property. The ROI range is so wide due to patio covers’ unique and customizable nature – different materials can significantly impact the ROI of your patio cover shade. Selecting durable and high-quality materials such as high-end wood or luxury finishes can contribute to a higher resale value when it comes time to sell your property. This strategic financial move can yield benefits for years into the future!

How Do You Shade a Large Patio?

Shading a large patio requires a strategic approach. You can combine several different shading solutions for variety and versatility, or you can design an ample hardscape that covers your entire space. Installing a large patio shade cover can cover the whole patio, and you can even create light and air movement through the area by adding a louvered roof or a peaked ceiling design to add height and interest.

Alternatively, you can opt for a smaller patio cover or pergola to create a dynamic space and install other shade solutions, such as retractable awnings or shade sails. Finally, consider incorporating some natural elements – planting trees, shrubs, climbing vines on trellises, tall grasses, or large-leafed plants can provide natural shade to your patio areas while enhancing the aesthetic appeal and nature-inspired feeling of your outdoor space. For a cohesive space, be mindful of the heights of each element and the type and angle of shade they provide throughout the day when planning your designs.

How Can I Make My Patio Look Expensive?

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You can elevate the elegance of your patio without breaking the bank. Focus on quality materials that stand the test of time and thoughtful landscape design and planning. Incorporating premium outdoor furniture such as stylish loungers, plush couches, or a statement dining set can elevate your space. Adding some plants can also make your patio look more expensive – consider planting some palms or ornamental grasses for a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere or some boxwood hedges for a touch of traditional charm. Finally, if you want to elevate your aesthetic in the evening, focus on your outdoor lighting – soft lighting can completely change the ambiance of your space and highlight architectural and plant features!

How Do You Shade a Windy Patio?

Shading a windy patio requires carefully selecting sturdy and wind-resistant shade solutions; instead of choosing retractable awnings or sunshades that can move or become dislodged or flap with a breeze, opt for shade structures built to withstand strong winds. Hardscapes such as patio covers and pergolas are the best structures for windy patios. An option with adjustable louvers can bring some breeze and air movement into your space while providing adequate shade. Additionally, consider creating windbreaks with strategically placed outdoor plants or architectural elements. Planting shrubbery, bushes, or trees can minimize the impact of strong winds on your shaded patio.

How Design Scapes Inc. Can Help You Create an Enticing Outdoor Space

Are you considering installing patio cover shade in the Southern California area? Design Scapes Inc. is here to help! Our professional landscape designers have experience creating the perfect patio cover shade for any yard shape, size, and aesthetic. We work with your preferences, needs, and budget to find the optimal shade cover for your space. After selection, our expert installers will have your patio cover ready to go quickly and can even come back for regular maintenance when needed! If you want a shadier yard, visit our gallery for inspiration and contact Design Scapes Inc. for a consultation today!



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Andrew H.
Los Angeles, CA
Read More
Sina and his team worked with us to design and build both our front and backyard. The results exceeded our expectations and the team worked patiently during COVID and through a challenging permitting process with LA City. The team was professional and always prompt. The pricing was fair and transparent, and communication was great. The project was large overall so we worked together with Design Scapes for almost one year. I have recommended the team to many people already and think they do great work.
Ben L.
Los Angeles, CA
Read More
We hired Design Scapes to turn our backyard into a hostable space that would feel welcoming to guests, but more importantly, utilize what we felt was completely wasted space. It's hard to put words to just how incredible of an experience we had with Sina and his team. From the get-go, they were efficient, communicative, and dedicated to making us feel content. Sina, Aaron and everyone they work with truly understand design - the technical, architectural, and aesthetic elements that are needed in order to create the best results. We never had any doubt that we went with the right company. The results were ten times better than we ever could have imagined. Our backyard is a total haven, we feel like we're on vacation at our own home! We would give ten stars if we could!
May M.
North Hollywood, CA
Read More
I worked with Sima at Design Scapes on a recent backyard renovation. He was extremely patient as we began from concept to finished project! His crew was very professional and it turned out exactly how I envisioned. The reno included building a pergula with a cover, hardscaping with pavers and adding lighting and ficus trees. We were so happy with the finished product!
Jeff R.
Santa Monica, CA
Read More
Design Scapes constructed a composite wood deck and two planters in my back yard and I couldn't be happier with the result. Very professional, terrific work, really nice people (especially Heli, who worked with me throughout), and they got it done when they said they would, completely satisfied with the whole experience!
Charles M.
Santa Monica, CA
Read More
Sina and his team are your go-to for innovative and beautiful outdoor construction. They installed a gigantic, closeable pergola over our wrap around deck. They handled the entire process from plans to permits to installation and did a tremendous job. We feel like we've added a room to our home. They did an amazing job. Five stars!
Laurene F.
Manhattan Beach, CA
Read More
Design Scapes is very highly recommended! Very professional, creative and reliable. They were very timely and reasonable with their estimated budget and time line to complete the project. Also, they were very responsive with additional requests after the initial project. I will refer them to my friends.
Mersedeh M.
Los Angeles, CA
Read More
I can not say enough how great working with Design Sacpes was. My husband and I met with several landscaping companies and Design Scapes seemed to be the most honest and professional one. Sina is an awesome person, he guided us in choosing the best design for our backyard while he was considering what we want in all the steps. We ended up planting some great fruit trees in addition to a cute fountain and some design with beautiful rocks. The crew was very clean and professional. We did not feel we have workers in our background the whole time. The final invoice reflected exactly what we had spoken of, although we made some changes and ended up choosing better material and plants in some occasions. I highly recommend Design Sacpes if you are looking for the best landscaping company.
Bob K.
West Hills, CA
Read More
Sina and his crew are great. We started off with replacing a block wall we shared with our neighbor with a wood fence. Once we saw the excellent quality of the work we had him transform our backyard which was basically a dirt lot into a backyard oasis with pavers, a grassy area, a new tree and a section of plants. His crew is unbelievable. Vert talented and hard working. On time every day. Courteous and friendly. Always kept the work area clean. Sina when not on site was always available by phone or text. His estimates were clear, and his on line billing system was easy to use.
Charity B.
Thousand Oaks, CA
Read More
We did 2 projects with Sina at the same time. One was done on time and was exactly to our specification (even though we changed our minds once the project started as is sometimes the case when you start to see it come together). Sina was always available with ideas, feedback and keeping us up to date. The other project was delayed through no fault of Sina's. The material he ordered came in damaged. He took care of it completely and rescheduled his crew to come back once the material was received. I didn't have to fight with anyone over damaged materials and he didn't even ask me to accept sub-quality. He just rejected it immediately and took care of the problem. Both projects were beautiful when finished. I am very happy with the quality of work. I have worked with many contractors. I can easily say that Sina is one of the best. He is amazing because he does exactly what he says he will do... follow up calls, shows up on time, sends detailed work plans, etc. Seems like a little thing but if you've worked with contractors, you know that's rare! I have already referred him to friends and will definitely use him again in the future.
Bill O.
New York, NY
Read More
When my wife and I moved into our new home at the beginning of 2020, we loved the potential of our new backyard. It has a pool with lots of room for gatherings and two healthy fruit trees that provide good shade. Unfortunately the existing planters were overrun with tall unorganized grasses and the "grass" area was nothing but dirt. As soon as I called Sina at Design Scapes, he scheduled a quick visit to view the property and get an understanding of my design intent. He listened closely to what I wanted, offered his expertise and suggestions when appropriate, and created a plan that met all expectations. When I explained that the plan was slightly above my cost limit, he offered adjustments that kept the design incredible while aligning with my target budget. All work was performed professionally and on schedule and he has consistently followed up to ensure satisfaction. I would absolutely work with Sina on all future exterior projects! (Before and after photos attached)
Keithh N.
San Francisco, CA
Read More
I can't express how happy we are with Sina's work. He is extremely professional and reliable. He was always at the job site when needed. And he clearly went the extra length to get our work done. One of the things we needed done was adding mesh to a quarter acre property around the Fenceline. Sina's team made sure to dig down over a foot under the dirt to make sure our animals couldn't get underneath it. He made sure The mesh was tied tightly to the fence around the entire property line. His work was very clean and he did not disrupt any of the plant life. He is extremely knowledgeable about landscaping and plant life. I would definitely recommend using him again and sure we will in the future! Thank you for everything Sina

Our Certifications

We hold the following ICPI certifications:

Concrete Pavers

ICPI—Concrete Paver Installer Course

  • Introduction to the construction of interlocking concrete pavement systems using concrete pavers and slabs

 ICPI—Certified Concrete Paver Installer

  • Job planning and layout
  • Safety
  • Soil classification and compaction
  • Bedding and joint sand
  • Paver selection and installation
  • Use of labor-saving specialty tools
  • Edge restraints
  • Base material selection and compaction

ICPI—Residential Specialist Course

  • Creating an outdoor living area.
  • Bringing the indoor comforts outside.
  • Locations
  • Heat Materials
  • Utility Hookups
  • Appliances
  • Building Codes
  • Overlaying pavers on existing asphalt or concrete, and best installation methods. 
  • Includes paver overlay application around the perimeter of a pool, and general construction of a paver pool deck around most common types of pools (linear pool, fiberglass shell, or concrete shell.
  • Existing Site Conditions
  • Existing Pavement Preparation
  • Installation Details
  • Paver Overlays with Mortar or Adhesives
  • Types of Pools
  • Construction Details
  • Drainage
  • Paver Selection
  • Building Codes
  • Seat Walls
  • Lighting
  • Decorative Borders and Edges
  • Utilities under the Pavement
  • Once course is completed, requires documentation of 50,000 square feet of concrete paver installation experience in residential projects to receive Residential Paver Specialist credential.

ICPI—Certified Concrete Paver Installer—Residential Specialist

                        • The Residential Professional Course is the highest level designation for ICPI certified installers.
                        • Base and Subbase
                        • Edge Restraint
                        • Bedding Sand
                        • Concrete Pavers
                        • Joint Sand
                          • Supervisor’s role in finding and fixing workplace hazards.
                          • Jobsite Planning and Logistics
                            • Site Management
                            • Equipment
                            • Common conversions and equations needed when estimating materials, including perimeter, area and volume. Converting between different dimensions such as cubic feet to cubic yards.
                            • The three basic components of a functional and attractive raised patio: walls, flatwork, and steps. Visualizing the levels and steps and then developing solutions for the site. 
                            • Considerations
                            • Steps
                            • Railings
                            • On-Site
                            • Building Codes
                            • Once course is completed, installer must document 25,000 square feet of concrete paver installation experience and 20 residential projects to receive Residential Paver Specialist credential.

                                                  Permeable Pavers

                                                  ICPI—Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement (PICP) Specialist Course

                                                  • Use of permeable pavers can reduce the quantity of runoff and maximize irrigation of your property.
                                                  • Benefits
                                                  • System Components
                                                  • Types of Systems
                                                  • Precautions

                                                        National Concrete Masonry Association Certifications

                                                        Certified Segmental Retaining Wall Installer (CSRWI)

                                                        • Advanced topics include: 
                                                        • Wall layout and planning
                                                        • Water and drainage
                                                        • Cut and fill walls
                                                        • Tiered walls
                                                        • Corners and curves
                                                        • Stairs and patios


                                                                  • Our pricing is completely transparent. 
                                                                  • Estimates, quotes, and invoices are always line-itemized for different trades or sections of scope of work. No big mystery numbers where you don’t know what you’re paying for.
                                                                  • We quote the installation based on existing site conditions, local codes, bespoke materials or layout, and/or pattern picked.
                                                                  • If there are any change orders, they are quoted and approved by the client first. They are fully documented, leaving a complete paper trail. 
                                                                  • Labor cost is based on what it takes to do the job right, and do right by a professional crew.
                                                                  • Expect to invest up to 7% of your property’s value for a completely new outdoor space. 
                                                                  • The design phase cost is approximately 3% – 7% of the total installation cost.
                                                                  • Each project is custom designed, and cost depends on design.
                                                                  • When needed, we work with you to accomplish your project in stages—rather than diminish your vision.
                                                                  • You know what your costs are upfront before any work starts.


                                                                  • We accept Visa, Master Card, Amex, Discover, check, cash, wire transfer, Venmo and Zelle.
                                                                  • You get a payment schedule with your project schedule. 
                                                                  • You only pay for labor, and materials delivered up to payment date. You’re not paying in advance so we can buy materials.
                                                                  • When implementing your project in stages, the Design Phase is completed and paid for in advance of implementing the first stage.

                                                                  Return on Investment

                                                                  • You expect a return on investment when improving your property. 
                                                                  • Studies show that a beautifully landscaped yard can increase your property’s value by up to 20%. 
                                                                  • Money magazine estimates that you can recover up to 120% of your project’s cost when you sell your property.

                                                                  Implementation Phase

                                                                  • We provide you a detailed project and work schedule that shows orders, deliveries, installation dates, and payment due dates.
                                                                  • You know exactly how many days your project takes, and what to expect each day.
                                                                  • Your designer / estimator is present on-site every day of installation, supervising the project from start to finish. Eagle-eyed supervision prevents aesthetic or functional mistakes.
                                                                  • Our team includes only trusted workers who have been with us for years. All workers are bonded.
                                                                  • Design Scapes Inc is fully licensed under both C27 Landscaping and General B licenses.
                                                                  • We never sub-contract our work to others, or hire from the parking lot of the local building supply superstore.
                                                                  • Every installation team member has decades of experience and expertise in their area of specialty.
                                                                  • All work is insured, and supervised. 
                                                                  • We carry all required insurance policies like workers’ compensation, liability, and vehicle coverage.
                                                                  • Our efficient process controls the chaos of construction. Only the tools, equipment, and materials that are needed for the work week get delivered and stored for that week. 
                                                                  • Site, tools, and materials tidied up and secured at the end of every work day.
                                                                  • We need no interior access and bring our own toilets and power generator.
                                                                  • We leave your work site spotless and hazard-free.

                                                                  Design Phase

                                                                  • You get one-on-one consultation from an award-winning landscape designer, Sina Kamran.
                                                                  • I will generate picture designs for your new outdoor space, and present them to you.
                                                                  • Design goes through an extensive revision stage. Together, we go through all different layouts, patterns, material types and colors, or different functions to consider. 
                                                                  • The revision stage eliminates problematic surprise change orders and project delays. It also enables us to deliver your project per schedule.
                                                                  • Your project installation is scheduled as soon as you approve the final project plans.
                                                                  • Lead time is usually three to five weeks from approval.

                                                                  Complimentary Estimate

                                                                  • We get a copy of your plot plan and general yard measurements in preparation for the initial consultation.
                                                                  • We draw inspiration from your property and listen to your dreams for your outdoor space. The meeting focuses on your vision and how we could help you realize it. 
                                                                  • We survey the area and point out possibilities and discuss potential issues. 
                                                                  • We make a point of providing an accurate bid rather than bidding low to get the work. You have our promise on this.
                                                                  • We want you to have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what your project will cost from the very start. No surprises.
                                                                  • Once you approve the initial estimate, we move on to the Design Phase.
                                                                  • You receive a final and firm quote once the Design Phase is completed and all work has been identified.