Our One of a Kind Craftsmanship Warranty

At Design Scapes, Inc., we deliver top-notch services you can trust. We’re so confident in the quality of our landscaping products and our crew’s workmanship that we put it under warranty.

With our craftsmanship warranty, you can invest in beautifying your outdoor space without worrying about losing money on dying plants, defective irrigation systems, failing structures.

Landscape Design & Build Design with Quality Customer Service

Before you sign on the dotted line, please familiarize yourself with our warranty and general terms and conditions as follows:

Plant Material

  • Design Scapes, Inc. offers a 3-month warranty on all flowers, shrubs, and trees installed by Design Scapes, Inc., so you can surround your property with gorgeous greenery that will last.
  • The 3-month warranty covers a replacement for all flowers, shrubs, and trees that fail to survive for three months from the date of installation. That way, you won’t be stuck with dead plants.
  • Please be aware that the 3-month warranty does not cover the replacement of plants not purchased through Design Scapes Inc., so if you buy plants from a third-party, we cannot replace them if they are defective.
  • Since regular watering is key to plant life’s longevity, the 3-month warranty does not include plants not placed in conjunction with irrigation set by Design Scapes Inc.
  • To benefit from the 3-month warranty, homeowners must follow plant care recommendations. Unfortunately, the 3-month warranty will not replace plants that have been neglected.

Irrigation Systems

  • We offer a 1-year warranty on parts and labor with all sprinklers and drip systems designed and installed by Design Scapes Inc.
  • Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue honoring this warranty after unauthorized adjustments are made by someone other than the Design Scapes crew.
  • It’s important to note that the 1-year warranty does not include physical damage sustained by the irrigation system.

Structures and Hardscaping

  • Design Scapes provides a 3-year warranty on all structures and hardscaping because we are confident in our craftsmanship quality. The warranty begins from the date of the completed installation.
  • The 3-year warranty covers the structural integrity of any patio, driveway, deck, pergola, or kitchen installed by Design Scapes, Inc. If the structure settles, heaves, or shifts due to normal wear and tear to the degree that it is unsightly or unsafe, we will gladly cover the repairs.
  • Please bear in mind, the 3-year warranty does not include the following:
  • Systems installed over previously excavated and filled areas, such as the long-term settling generally found around the foundation of a home, utility trenches, and septic systems.
  • Naturally occurring efflorescence of pavers, stains, or any damage due to uncontrollable circumstances.
  • Cases where the structure has been abused or subjected to abnormal use conditions.
  • Cases where the structure has been used, modified, or otherwise treated in any manner other than as intended by Design Scapes, Inc.

Artificial Turf

  • Since we stand behind the quality of our turf, Design Scapes, Inc. extends a 3-year warranty from the date of installation on synthetic grass products. This warranty applies only to products that have been purchased through and installed by Design Scapes.
  • The 3-year warranty covers defects in workmanship, resulting in premature wear during everyday use of the artificial turf product.
  • If the artificial turf includes an existing warranty from the manufacturer, we will happily pass it on to the homeowner for additional coverage.
  • Please know the 3-year warranty does not include direct or indirect physical damage to the synthetic grass by the homeowner.

Low-Voltage Lighting

  • To keep your landscaping well-lit, Design Scapes, Inc. offers a 1-year warranty on outdoor lighting systems purchased through and installed by Design Scapes.
  • The 1-year warranty covers malfunctions in the lighting system and includes parts and labor, protecting you from investing in a defective system.
  • If the lighting system includes an existing warranty from the manufacturer, Design Scapes will ensure the warranty is passed on to the homeowner.
  • Unfortunately, the 1-year warranty does not include burnt bulbs since bulb replacement is considered a general maintenance expense, not a defect in the lighting system.

General Terms

  • All Design Scapes, Inc. warranty coverage starts from the date the product’s installation is completed, regardless of the overall project’s completion date.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to honor warranties on all installations done for clients with a past due invoice or late payment for material or labor delivered by Design Scapes, Inc.
  • Please remember the Design Scapes, Inc. warranties cannot cover installation done by the team when using material or methods specified by the owner or owner’s representative.
  • Design Scapes warranties exclusively cover installations done using materials and parts purchased through or provided by Design Scapes, Inc. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a warranty on labor and workmanship when installing materials and parts not purchased through Design Scapes, Inc.
  • At this time, Design Scapes, Inc. does not offer emergency repair services. If you experience an emergency on your property, please contact the authorities or related repair services depending on the emergency’s seriousness and nature.
  • Regrettably, a product’s warranty will be lost if anyone other than Design Scapes, Inc. modifies an installation of one of our landscaping products.
  • Please note that Design Scapes will not be able to reinstate warranties that have become void.
  • As our services and product offerings develop over time, please be aware that all terms are subject to change or adjustment by Design Scapes, Inc. during the warranty period.

Please note that any service not covered under this warranty terms will incur a $350 minimum charge.

If you have a question regarding any of our landscaping and hardscaping warranties or terms, please feel free to contact us. The Design Scapes, Inc. crew will be happy to answer all your questions before drawing up a contract for your landscaping project.