From Installer to Full-Service Company

Our Working Process Didn’t "Just Happen" Overnight

Experience After Experience, We Learned to Satisfy Customer Needs

When I first started Design Scapes in 2007, we were just another SoCal landscaping company. My team and I were only doing installations, where we took a 3rd-party designer's blueprints and made them come to life.

That approach quickly became problematic. I realized this system wasn't working because the designs didn't fit reality. What seemed so great on paper simply was not going for work for our customer’s site; therefore, execution was a continual problem.

Just a few examples were differences in soil meant that planting plans would not work as designed, elevation differences required retaining structures, a giant unknown rock or root made it impractical to plant something as planned, etc. None of these issues were in the plan we started with, so ensuing consultations wrecked the schedule. It became obvious what I needed to do.

Design and Customize Plans to Be Customer-Site-Specific

I quickly realized that I needed to be the designer for the customers’ sites. In doing so, I could ensure that the plans fit the realities of the site. If adjustments need to be made, we don't have to stop and consult with a 3rd party. We can make adjustments in real-time without breaking stride, without disrupting the schedule.

Customers Need To Feel In Control

Providing Certainty To Our Customers

As we continued to grow the business, we realized other customer needs. Each “point of stress” became a way for Design Scapes to be better than our competitors. We realized that customers experience a lot of stress, and with some thoughtfulness, we can relieve most of that for them.

Not Knowing What’s Happening is Very Stressful

We quickly understood that our customers are busy and need certainty from us. That way, they can plan their own schedules and finances. As we realized customers became anxious about the uncertainty of timing for the job, we came up with detailed project and work schedules.

We saw our customers relax once they got the specifics of orders, deliveries, installation dates, and payment due dates. Immediately, we realized we were onto something that customers LOVE.

We Took Note of the Stress of Construction-Zone Living

It’s not fun to live in a construction zone, no matter how exciting the end result. I realized that ordering all the materials, having them delivered, and setting them on the site was a point of stress for customers. Having supplies sit made customers feel overwhelmed. Therefore, we set up the schedule to have materials installed soon after delivery. Again, customers LOVED this approach.

A Great Customer Experience

We found that our system not only made it easier on us, but also smoother and more reassuring for my clients. They didn’t have to search for a designer, and they had only one point of contact for communication since they didn’t have to coordinate between the designer and the construction team.

Plus, with one set of designs (customized to the site), it was easier to include everything in the original estimate and control the final project costs.

Hundreds of Customers Later…

We Still Look for Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

We’re proud to say that we have helped hundreds of homeowners achieve their landscaping and hardscaping goals with our friction-free methods. We want the “getting there” experience to be as painless as possible so you can experience years of joy in your new outdoor spaces.

Ready to Experience Our Service?

Easy Process, Easy Project

Our one-of-a-kind process makes Design Scapes, Inc. the leading landscape design and build company in the greater Los Angeles area. We have decades of experience designing, installing, and maintaining picture perfect outdoor spaces.

Our dedicated and talented crew will manage every aspect of your project from initial design to completed installation – and we do it all on schedule and budget.

Know What to Expect

There are many landscape designers with great visions who will put a beautiful plan together, but won’t be involved in the implementation and installation process. More often than not, this leaves you hanging to find different subcontractors to finish the project! This flawed and cumbersome process often results in higher costs and the finished projects will never match your vision and designer’s plans.

Our process is simple and focuses on providing a custom design and build to our clients every time. We take your vision and turn it into a design that’s feasible for your wants and needs. We only care for one client at a time, which means your reno will be handled with great attention to detail. We take pride in ensuring our projects are on schedule and budget. We achieve this by taking control of the process from start to finish so you can sit back, relax, and watch your dream outdoor space come to life (but still have final say in the design decisions)!

Initial design consultation

We start with an initial phone consultation to discuss your wants and needs. We are also open to video calling, or you can send us few pictures of your yard and or your ideas. Then, we meet you at your property with initial lot plans; and we go further in depth to understand your needs, existing issues to be solved, design ideas, budgets, and desired start and finish dates. We take detailed notes and measurements to start working on the initial estimate.

Bid submission and approval

We will get back you shortly with a carefully constructed, itemized estimate for your project. We answer all your questions and make sure the project meets your vision. This step sets up the project scope that determines the design phase.

Design layout plan

Using priority CAD programs, we create a schematic design layout plan that is both accurate and beautiful. We can sit down and go over it with you in detail to make sure it perfectly meets your vision, budget, and functionality requirements. This highly creative process usually requires only minor adjustments because we focus on YOUR vision, instead of implementing creative control.

Scope of work permits

Before development begins, we address any permits or approval needed from city, county, or other regulatory agencies. Some projects that require permits include decks, trellis structures, barbecue islands, and such.

If your project needs structural engineering, we work closely with our engineer to make sure it’s safely completed according to your design. If we need any permits or inspections, we submit the engineered plans to the City to get approval. If your Homeowner’s Association requires approval, we will communicate with them to get their approval of your design. This process is done by the designer to make sure the integrity and vision of the design are not compromised.

Construction begins

Once we’ve completed the schematic design and construction plans and received permits and approvals (if needed), we begin to transform your backyard into a peaceful and beautiful oasis. We start with a detailed and realistic project schedule to implement the design in a clean, organized, and timely manner. Unlike other landscape design companies, we never cut corners and we only use the highest grade materials. You also won’t receive a list of Change Orders because our plans are comprehensive and eliminate cost surprises.

Project management

We manage every aspect of the project. Nothing is left to chance because we love what we do and take pride in ensuring the design and construction plans are followed completely. This separates Design Scapes, Inc. from competitors. You work with one crew; we supervise and control the project from beginning to end.


Once construction is complete, we take you through the entire outdoor space and provide education on taking care of your new dream yard. If you have a landscape maintenance provider, we include him or her in this walk-through so everyone knows how to care for your beautiful new yard to ensure it flourishes for years to come.


Now comes the best part: you get enjoy your new outdoor paradise. Kick back in a lounge chair with a cold iced tea and enjoy the LA climate.Your peace of mind is our goal from the start.